Antoinette & Eamonn

What can I say about Antoinette & Eamonn that the photos can't portray themselves. 

This is the first wedding that I ever captured through photography ( My style and skill has evolved since then). 

I was approached by Antoinette and Eamonn who had seen my video work and enquired had I shot any photography at weddings. I said no, but that had an interest. So that's how my wedding photography took off. I learned a lot from this wedding, photography, although similar to video and film it is different and does require a different discipline. My Cinematography lecturer and mentor had always told me to pick up a stills camera and snap away. It will help my framing and composition. I found shooting photography helped my film and my film skills and knowledge pushed my photography in in a more cinematic approach. The reception I received from this wedding was extremely positive. It's nice to visit a couple's house after their wedding and see your photos printed and framed. This pushed me to offer to do several more weddings purely for portfolio work. My portfolio began to expand and now I shoot both video and photography on an equal footing. 

Antoinette & Eamonn's day began in the bustling centre of our fair city, Dublin. It was a late ceremony in the afternoon, so I showed up around 11/12, it was 4 years ago so please forgive my memory on certain elements of the day. I was to meet Antoinette that morning in The Shelbourne Hotel. I was greeted by a lovely door man, you'll see him below later. I made my way up the exquisite staircase to the fourth floor, room 442. I was greeted by Antoinette's loveable Aunt. Antoinette was getting her hair done. I had never met and still have yet to meet a more relaxed bride on a wedding day. The Champagne hadn't even been opened at this stage. I then found out that Antoinette and Eamonn had already met up at sunrise and said some vows and had a spiritual ceremony amongst themselves. I guess that took away from there nerves and they had their sort of own first look whilst everyone else was sleeping. 


Antoinette looked marvellous, stunning. Words cannot comprehend, but luckily I'm a photographer, so my inadequacy with words to describe this beauty is better experienced through my photos. . After getting a few shots and mostly just having a barrel of laughs, Antoinette's brother came to pick her up and give her away. The destination, the hidden gem of 10 Ormond Quay. This stunning Georgian mansion is pure romance! The architecture and decoration stands alone and makes this one of the finest ornate wedding venues in Dublin. 


The music the couple chose for the ceremony was a beautiful orchestral piece, music by a composer I consider to be amongst the best in the world, Ennio Morricone. The couple are both quite fond of Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso. I grew up adoring this film. As did they! When they had initially told me that they had chosen the love theme from Cinema Paradiso, I informed them of my love for the movie and that I had been to a screening earlier that summer with an orchestral performance by Ennio Morricone. They had been too. We had so much in common, it felt like I was playing a part in a close friends' wedding. When Antoinette  turned the corner and the music played it was quite surreal, I can only imagine how strongly Eamonn felt at that moment in time. It was so tranquil and romantic. I had to struggle to hold the tears back, it reminded me of the film. Of Toto and Elena.

The ceremony was spiritual which featured their vows and a celtic hand fastening or what is traditionally known as tying the knot! The room was lit by candle light and it added to the romantic mood of the venue. After all was said and done, Antoinette and Eamonn remained hand-tied for a while. There was no escaping each other! Afterwards everyone moved to the drinks reception and later to the dining area, where what I'm told everyone had a blast of a time. It was a fab day!

I still remain in touch with Eamonn and Antoinette. I have most recently shot Eamonn's daughter, Jane's wedding. You can check that wedding out here. It was quite a nice reunion to rekindle 4 years on and reminisce.


© 2016 Chris Mooney : Shadow & Substance

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