Leona & Danny

Leona and Danny, one could not find a more loving , caring and laid back couple. 

It was an absolute pleasure to capture their wedding in both photography and video. The entire day from when we arrived early on that cold december morning right up until the dancing late that night, did not feel like work. They made it one of the most enjoyable and memorable weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending, never mind working at. 

The day started off in Leona's that morning with the hair and make up. Paddy ( our videographer) and myself were offered a full Irish breakfast and tea and coffee upon arrival. We were instantly made feel welcome and at home. After we had got all the shots of what I can honestly say was a very relaxed environment we headed to Danny's where were offered countless cups of tea/coffee. The lads were buzzing, all were in great form and were a joy to be around.Afterwards we headed back to Leona's family house as that was located near the church. We captured such beautiful moments between Leona and her parents as she got ready and the dad saw his darling daughter for the first time in her stunning white dress. 

After all was said and done, they kissed and headed on to Trim. With winter weddings light is always a factor in order to get family photos. So we did the family photos at the church and then embraced the drizzle of rain to get the bridal party photos with the picturesque background of Trim Castle behind. 

After taking a little stroll with the bridal party and then the bride and grooms themselves, we returned to the venue, the exquisite Trim Castle Hotel. Here we captured the candid and natural affects nibbles and drinks have on the guests! Everyone made us feel welcome and were even offering to get a photo of us and give us a break. 

I think the dinner was topped by a post dinner visitor, which I didn't think it could be with the servants singing and bringing the dinner in to Disney's Beauty and The Beast's Be our Guest. It was Santa, a very naughty Santa who kept asking everyone to sit on his knee...He brought presents for all the guests, including Paddy and myself. 

To quote Leona, "we were just saying it was like taking a stroll with friends, it felt so easy and natural, I don't think we would have enjoyed it as much without you both." And it truly was a fun, filled day with a barrel of laughs.

Ladies and gents I give you Leona & Danny, enjoy the photos below and you can check out the video here


© 2016 Chris Mooney : Shadow & Substance

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